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Module 11: Vital signs monitoring

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During triage, monitoring of vital signs is critical as it aids in early diagnosis and management. While monitoring of vital signs can aid detection and management of severe illness, clinical data is infrequently monitored in most hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa. 

A study of four hospitals in Uganda found that vital signs monitoring was poor (10.4%), yet the burden of severe illness was high [2]. 


This module aims to:

a) Introduce nurses to efficient vital signs monitoring

b) Emphasize the use of Early Warning Scores and WHO recommended checklists in monitoring patients

c) Discuss challenges in use of digital tools for bedside care and how to solve them

d) Expose nurses to a sample digital vital signs tracking tool for bedside care, so they get hands-on experience

e) Discuss best practices for audit, management, and efficient use of these tools

f) Discuss ethical issues related to use of medical devices for patient management


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